Teaser Release

The first public release of this game. This release is like the trailer of the game in the form of a game play.  I thought it would be more interesting this way. If this release is successful I'm really looking forward to release the beta in September.  I was hurrying to finish this in time and many things need to be revised. There is still a lot of work but I'm taking a break after this. 

This release is obviously free but I enabled the payments in order to get some help because until now the budget is zero. I'm having trouble developing the games on the current computer I have because it is old and so not for this job. 

I'm also looking forward making another short game during summer; maybe for the game jam.  If I do, I will inform you for sure.

More about the release

As I said before this is like a trailer for the game in the form of a game play so there is nothing much to play than to look at. I want the player to start putting together a story. The purpose is to tease the player to play the full version. There Is only one puzzle to be solved and that's it, but there is more to see and analyze to understand the story. I like how the graphics turned out. I'm not that really happy with scripts but it's OK. After all I like it.

Thank you for reading!


OMEGA Teaser.rar (24 MB)
18 days ago


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