Teaser Release

The first public release of this game. This release is like the trailer of the game in the form of a game play.  I thought it would be more interesting this way. If this release is successful I'm really looking forward to release the beta in September.  I was hurrying to finish this in time and many things need to be revised. There is still a lot of work but I'm taking a break after this. 

This release is obviously free but I enabled the payments in order to get some help because until now the budget is zero. I'm having trouble developing the games on the current computer I have because it is old and so not for this job. 

I'm also looking forward making another short game during summer; maybe for the game jam.  If I do, I will inform you for sure.

More about the release

As I said before this is like a trailer for the game in the form of a game play so there is nothing much to play than to look at. I want the player to start putting together a story. The purpose is to tease the player to play the full version. There Is only one puzzle to be solved and that's it, but there is more to see and analyze to understand the story. I like how the graphics turned out. I'm not that really happy with scripts but it's OK. After all I like it.

Thank you for reading!


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Jul 10, 2017


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I've figured out the first puzzle, but once I run ahead a little it says I've failed. I don't see how because I see nothing there but some trees.

Also like Tenma said about additions that could possibly be added on would be great!

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okay, I like the idea of playng as a wolf,it's extremely welcome, the problem however...it's how confusing the game is, I have no idea what to do, the other wolf keeps killing me in one hit which it's frustrating as heck, I can't jump, dodge or anything to avoid that, if I keep walking to the fireplace, I also die, so what I am suppossed to do? in my opinion, don't give up, this game haves potential, but do something more intuitive, try adding a jump button or an attack button, Don't make the wolf a one hit point wonder, you should try adding a life meter and maybe mercy invulnerability if you don't want to frustrate your player base, and yes I knew about the shooting button, but ...unless you told me I wouldn't have knew about it.


Thanks a lot for the review, it is really helpful for me to improve the game. I admit that this release of the game has a major lack of information which cause confusion. This release of the game will be updated really soon and this problem will be fixed. 

Regarding the walking through the camp thing you pointed out. You don't get killed but you fail because you get detected when the camp lights turn on. To pass through the camp you need to cut the electricity. And this was a puzzle to be solved. Why you get "killed" with one hit by other wolfs is something you will understand in the upcoming full release. As I've explained earlier, this release is to give the player a view of the game. The full release will be more complete and with much more action and puzzles to be solved.