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After the Teaser release this release is the closest to how the final game is going to look like (release date: October/09/2017). Actually this is the first scene of the full game. The others scenes will be longer and with harder puzzles to solve.

A lot has changed to improve the game. A lot of problems with the game logic are now minimized and the performance is improved. At the same time graphics are better.

A major problem with the last release was the lack of information which made the game really confusing to new Players. In order to fix this problem I built an information system which will explain how everything necessary works. A main menu is added and along with it a functional UI system to make. What I think is really cool about the main menu is that you can check how the controls work. 

To make the game more enjoyable new objects and special effects are added to the game. Included in the new stuff is the water and weather conditions, like snow and rain. New special effects are added, particle systems, lights, sounds and more.

What is a novelty about this release except all the things I mentioned before is that I put in the game some Easter eggs. This way the game will be more fun and the Player will get rewarded by getting the full version of the game for FREE.

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Sep 26, 2017


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