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I’m going straight to the topic and explain what this idea is all about on it’s core. A lot of games out there treat the main character as an avatar of the player but I want to make something different. Thus the player will only make suggestion for actions but the character himself will make the decision to follow the player’s lead or not. But if the character will make his own decisions and not follow the player commands than what will the game be like? I will get to this after explaining how the game will treat the player and what status will he have.

Firstly I need to explain where my idea is based (mythology and modern theories). In Albanian mythology there is a supernatural creature called “Ora” which basically protects a person. Every human has an “Ora“. Ora not only protects the person but she also affect his temper and fate. On the other hand there is this theory of the simulated reality which I believe is possible to be true. In my opinion, if you see God in the perspective of the simulated reality theory, you can find an explanation. Now; how theses mythological beliefs and modern theory of the simulated universe will be integrated in to my game? If you haven’t already understood, the player will basically be the “Ora” of the character. The theory of the simulated universe explains the game world and another feature of the game that I didn’t mention before. Characters on the game will see the actions of the player as paranormal activity, because they can’t explain them and at first they will be afraid. This will lead to funny situations and problems to be solved (Read the upcoming posts for more details). Will the player be the most powerful being of the game world? …No. There will be rules and achievements. If the player reaches certain achievements he will be more powerful over the characters and will have the ability to do other things, like interacting with the environment.

I’ve wanted for a long time to make a game about the simulated reality but I didn’t have a clear idea how. I didn’t wanted something like The Sims. Inspired by a YouTube video (this one), I came up with a survival/exploration game idea but even this one wasn’t complete. Finally one night, somehow I get this spark in my mind to combine modernity with folklore and mythology. I checked my list of game ideas and I thought it would be interesting to combine this three. Day by day I was getting a clearer idea of how everything was going to be putted together. I’m pretty sure this will evolve even more till an early alpha version but I don’t think that I’m going to change the main concept of what I’ve thought till now. I’m thinking big about this game and maybe I’m going a bit to fast with my overall game evolution with putting a kinda advanced (at least for my knowledge) AI system.

! This is the same content I have posted on my blog but if you're interested there will be a couple more posts there on the upcoming days to give you guys a better view of the game, concentrating on details and everything.  

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